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Another #bridechat has passed us by! Every Thursday at 2pm EST we love hearing from our brides and wedding professionals on Twitter! Today was no exception! Here are some great topics we covered…

Children- Whether you make the decision between an Adult-Only reception or to invite children to both; it is ultimately your decision. If you decide to go with the Adult-Only reception then the people that want to be there will be there. They will plan accordingly to be a part of your special day! If you do invite children know that you can always find children-friendly resorts, or create activity kits and kiddie corners at the reception for them to play. It is the concern of the parents of the children and their responsibility; so don’t stress! Just enjoy your wedding!

Destination Weddings- Again, we can’t reiterate enough that when it comes to weddings, the friends and family that want to be there, will be there. The people that matter in your life and you in theirs will make it a priority to share in this monumental event. Consider other ideas like the time of year..when it comes to prices of flights, or consider the next topic….

Skype- With all of the technology we have nowadays, it’s easier to connect when loved ones are a world away. Creating a skype account for the family and friends that can’t make it is a great way to broadcast the wedding in it’s entirety while those loved ones watch from the comfort of their own home. It’s simple enough to do with an Ipad! It’s a great way to include those that want to be there but can’t. Trust one person or two who are willing to help with the recording of it; you may even get lucky with a Photographer who might help out too! You never know!

Cross-Culture Weddings- More common than ever before; these weddings are a great way to celebrate the heritages of the couple. Incorporate different foods into the reception menu that speak from both cultures. Do a traditional ceremony specific to your culture. And also consider some music and colors!

Tune into twitter every Thursday at 2pm EST for more great wedding advice and tips from the pros! Hosted by @AngelSanchezPR and yours truly! 

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