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Do The Bustle…

Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered when it comes to the bridal bustle…which can often be confusing. Here are the most popular looks to choose from for your wedding day.

The French Bustle is one of the most popular and the prettiest bustles to choose from. With this particular bustle the train is folded under the skirt of the dress and secured with a series of color-coded ties. This creates a pouf in the back. Other ideas are to double or triple the bustle by creating tufts of fabric, one on top of each other…think icing or whipped cream. 


The One-Point Bustle is best for lighter fabrics and slimmer silhouettes. This bustle is held at one point at the base of the bodice; it’s over as opposed to the French which is pulled under.


The Austrian Bustle works on a pull system that cinches the train of the dress up. This is starting to gain popularity in the bustle world because of its extremely interesting look. 


The Ballgown Bustle is held at several points at the base of the bodice creating an even hemline all the way around of the skirt of the gown. This is perfect for the bride that does not like the look of a regular One-Point bustle or the French Bustle. 


Bustles 101…a wedding cake walk, no?

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